What is Rotex?

Rotex is a Rotary sponsored group of past exchange students who volunteer and work closely with the Youth Exchange Committee to support current exchange students. Some of the Rotex members who completed their exchange several years ago are now also Rotarians or Rotaractors. Most of D5040 Rotex members study, live and work in our district, however, some of our valued members indulge their travel bugs and are working in other countries, cities, or districts.

What We Do

As Rotex members, we help to plan orientations for Inbound, Outbound and Rebound students. Inbound students are students from another country who are doing their exchange in our district, Outbound students are those students whose home is in our district but are currently experiencing their exchange in another country and Rebound is the term we use for students who have just arrived back home from their exchange.

In addition to helping with the orientation sessions, we often serve as chaperones or tour guides. We mentor the students on exchange and help them to get the absolute best experience from their exchange. Because we have been in their shoes, we are able to coach them through the exchange in matters of etiquette, protocol, and problem solving.

We also become part of the student’s life while here in D5040, we plan and take part in various fun activities, a Halloween get-together, Christmas celebrations, winter socials and various other events. We are committed to helping our Inbounds get a full exposure and an understanding of Canadian life.

Do All the Activities Revolve
Around Exchange Students?

As volunteers, we believe in Rotary’s motto of “Service Above Self” but we also get together sometimes just as Rotex. No matter how long ago we were on exchange ourselves, we still love to share our memories with one another, and we enjoy the fellowship of our fellow Rotex whether through chat sessions, get-togethers or at other events.

We also share our knowledge and experience by promoting the program at schools, clubs, and District events. This not only serves Rotary and provides us with practical experience but gives us the opportunity to develop our own skills which comes in handy on resumes and in employment interviews.

How Can I Join?

If you have been on a Rotary exchange, you automatically qualify as a member! There is no membership fee or set meeting schedule that must be met. We stay in touch in a variety of ways through face to face, phone, text and social media. If you were on exchange and wonder how you can help to give someone else that remarkable experience, we want you!

Unlike some of your family or friends, we won’t roll our eyes when you tell us for the 50th time about that remarkable host family you had or that favourite meal you had on exchange.

Looking Ahead

As the world recovers from the COVID 19 pandemic and the suspension of all Rotary exchange programs, we look forward to helping to prepare and support students as exchanges resume. The Rotary theme for 2022-23 is “Imagine Rotary” and we can help you imagine new possibilities while celebrating your past Rotary experiences. Rotary is comprised of people of action and we are glad to be part of it, come join us and help us to share global understanding through exchange.

WANT to become a rotex rotarian?

If you have had past Rotary Youth Exchange experience and would like to learn more about becoming a Rotex Rotarian contact us below.